Comprehensive Eye Exam

At Affinity Optical, we take pride in caring about your eye health and providing you with the best care possible. Your eyes are one of the most complex organs in your body. A comprehensive eye exam to assess your visual system and eye health involves numerous tests; unlike a simple vision screening, which only assess your vision.

Some of the issues our doctors will examine for are, Refractive Error: nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism. Eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are very common, which is why our doctors find it extremely important to evaluate during each exam.

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses require a few different measurements in order to make sure they fit correctly and comfortably. This exam is in addition to your comprehensive eye exam. When it comes to contacts; one size does not fit all. This is why our doctors take their time to determine the correct measurements and brand that work for you.

Retinal Imaging

Digital retinal imaging helps our doctors assess the overall health and wellness of the retina by using a high-resolution imaging system. The importance of this test is to help detect and manage any retinal diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Detecting retinal disorders as early as possible is critical in potentially preventing serious disease progression and even vision loss. Ask our staff and doctors about this test at your next appointment!